Monday, 22 July 2013

Wu Jian Tong, Another Victim Who Was Electrocuted While Charging Battery Iphone

After the unfortunate events that befall Ma Ailun, died when he was electrocuted recharge his iPhone. Now, a similar fate befall Wu Jian Tong. But fortunately this is not from China man to death.

Wu Jian Tong should be in intensive care in a hospital in Beijing natural causes coma. The 30 year old man had stayed in the ICU for 10 days due to his condition of diminishing.

Events experienced by Wu Jian Tong on July 8, almost similar to the events experienced by Ma Ailun. At that time he was the iPhone 4 battery recharge. 

According to his sister, pretty quick time events. He heard a scream and Wu Jian Tong when turned to him, her brother was lying unconscious.

Not only fainted, Wu Jian Tong bubbles from his mouth. Many times the younger seeks her conscious but it did not work. When taken to the hospital his condition improved as well ta. He was not breathing and his heart stopped. Fortunately, her doctor could come round.

Allegedly if the cause tersengatnya Wu Jian Tong due to non iPhone users original charger. Therefore, his Apple smart phone in good condition. This fact is revealed from testimony brother.

Ma Ailun previous victims have also alleged the same case. Ma Ailun also electrocuted when to charge his iPhone. Unfortunately, Ma Ailun killed instantly.


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