Sunday, 28 April 2013

Battroborg 4G, Battle Robot For The Future

After successfully selling 300,000 sets of robot models Battroborg 20 fighter in 2012 ago, now Takara Tomy launched the newest model of the robot fighter Battroborg 4G.

If you've seen the movie Real Steel, the robot fighter have a similar as well as Battroborg 4G. They differ only in size. Battroborg 4G small, not as big as the robot of the movie Reel Steel.

Battroborg 4G robot fighter has about 90mm tall and uses 4 size AA alkaline batteries as its energy supplier.

In the presence of a control device by using 2 hands, you can make the desired move robot with more flexible and responsive.

Move you make with existing control devices, robot fighter practical Battroborg 4G will also follow you whatever the later movements such as punching, hitting, parrying, and others.

Battroborg 4G model consists of two (2) types of robot warriors that red Upper Champ and blue Push Baron. Which makes this a unique model of Battroborg 4G is on each robot fighter there has kind of arms, legs, and different parts of boxing. Each of part can be interchanged so that you can customize and perform different actions that punch.

Battroborg 4G has been launched with a price range of ¥ 4,725 or per unit.


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