Mouse With Breath Control

Now researchers from Kinki University 's Biology Oriented Science and Technology Department revealed that it has created a mouse with breath contro

3 Microsoft Products Will Be Present Next October

Microsoft as one of the major players in the smartphone market is known to launch their flagship product during the three months of October.

Biiwatch New Product From Smart Mobile Accessoire

Biiwatch allows users to take pictures in a smartphone without the need to touch smartphone

Claris Companion From Claris Healthcare

Claris Companion was created specifically for elderly users in order to remain able to communicate with family and can help control the treatment and care management as well as training programs

Chef Pad Special Tablet For Cooking Lovers From Archos

Archos launches new tablets for cooking lovers in ChefPad named

TimeTable Applications

TimeTable is an application created specifically to help users organize schedules, especially for students and businessmen

Drink Savvy

Drink Savvy created by Michael Abramson of experience drinking beverages that have been mixed with roofies, similar drugs with high levels

Lexibook Laptop: Android Netbook Convertible Special For Children

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3 Most Threatening Android Malware

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Microsoft Launches New Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard

Microsoft recently launched a unique keyboard design that called Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Apple Denies iPhone and iPad Equipped with Backdoor

Apple and a number of electronics companies have received allegations of backdoor (security holes) in the products they make. That accusation appeared in NSA documents leaked by the whistleblower, Edward Snowden.

Responding to the allegations, Apple has strongly been compromised by government agencies NSA (National Security Agency) to create a backdoor in their products.

In addition, forensic scientist and author Jonathan Zdziarski also alleges the same thing in Apple devices such as the iPhone and iPad. According to him, the NSA has used some iOS features and services to collect data from a person who becomes the target.

"I suspect (based on the outstanding documents) that Apple could be some services have been used by the NSA to collect data from their potential targets," Zdziarski said.

Zdziarski did not accuse Apple cooperation with the NSA, but he was convinced that there was indeed a backdoor on Apple devices.

In a statement, quoted from CNet (07/22/2014), Apple is said to have designed the diagnostic functions of IOS that does not violate the privacy and security of its users.

However, Apple acknowledged taking some of the
products information used by users, but aims to provide information for their IT departments, developers, and technical issues that arise.

Before using Apple devices, the user must agree that they will share the information above. The data which collected by Apple also claimed will not be shared with other parties without their knowledge.

Good Bye Nokia X

Nokia smartphones based on Android, Nokia X, was not long-lived. Microsoft plans to stop production and sales of this Android smart phone.

Shocking news was revealed from an internal memo to Microsoft employees written by the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella.

As quoted from Techcrunch, Friday (18/07/2014), the memo contains 3,100 words, written: "We plan to divert product design Nokia Lumia X be running Windows."

Going forward, Nokia X will be part of the Lumia at economical prices and is no longer using the Android operating system.

So far, Microsoft has sold two models of Nokia Android, Nokia X and XL. For Nokia X2 recently released some time ago but have not been introduced to the market.

Nokia X was first officially released in February in the Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona, Spain.

Nokia X carrying the Android operating system, which is wrapped with a view similar to Windows Phone. Although using Android, Nokia X is not equipped with the Android-style services from Google, such as Google Play Store. Instead, Nokia provides the Nokia App Store.

Just five months, the Nokia X Android already have to go to museum. For those of you who want to save Nokia X as a memento, Microsoft is still selling Android phone to run out of stock and after-sales service guarantee.

Goodbye, Android Nokia X.

Line Adds Hidden Chat Feature

Line instant messaging service now adds the Hidden Chat feature. With these feature, chat on line will be hidden and deleted within a certain time period, similar to the method used by Snapchat and Telegram Messenger.

These feature are adopted by Line along with the privacy and security issues which are increasingly prominent in the mobile social networking service. The trend is to make a new instant messaging app, Messenger Telegram attract many users.

Quoted from The Next Web (7/22/2014), Line said that after the specified time limit is exceeded, the message which has been read will be automatically deleted from the Line server. While the message unreadable will also be automatically deleted from the server, two weeks after the message is received at the user device.

The secret conversation has its own chat room, separate from the regular chat line. Users can set how long you want to delete the message, ranging from 2 seconds up to 2 weeks.

"This feature is suitable for sending messages that contain sensitive information, or photos that just want to be seen by the recipient," said Line as quoted by The Wall Street Journal (23/07/2014).

According to a Line spokesman, Hazuki Yamada, the decision to add this Hidden Chat feature  nothing to do with the hacking incident which recently occurred. These features are just the business line to meet the communication needs of its users.

This new feature is available in a Line app for Android and iOS. However, Line said encrypted messaging service is not available to users in the countries of China and Japan.

Many are calling this new feature resembles Messenger Telegram service. But other instant messaging services, such as WeChat of Chinese and Korean KakaoTalk, also plans to add a similar feature. WeChat now allows users to pull the message that has been sent.

Line now has a number of registered users about 500 million people around the world.

Apple's Smart Watch Named iTime

The concept of Apple iWatch smart watch have been completed since the year 2011 then, Apple has registered patents intelligent watch design concept called iTime.

GigaOm site proclaims patent technology has been approved by the Patent and Trademark USA.

Based on the diagram picture iTime devices available in Apple patent registration document, a smart watch concept is interesting. This design smart watch more similar to the iPod Nano which is currently circulating.

Apple smart watch concept looks more like a smart bracelet equipped with a computer, or docking bracelets that can be fitted with an electronic module which the relay can be changed.

In the documents, Apple mentions bracelet comes with a lot of smart sensors, such as accelerometers, GPS module, a touch screen, the distance detector, biometric sensors, as well as the NFC antenna.

Sensors is likely to be found in the Apple smart watch, iWatch.

Apple iWatch smart watch itself rumored ready released at the end of the year. However, it is likely to be different from that found in the design of new Apple's patent documents obtained.

Although many well-known register patents, but Apple rarely makes the final product that fits the concept patentable. The name used even sometimes different. Like the iPad tablet released by Apple which was previously referred to as the iSlate.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Start Selling Tablet, Xiaomi Wants to Compete with iPad

Having spawned many Android smartphones which are preferred by consumers, Xiaomi developed its business with the launch of the tablet device. Unmitigated, Xiaomi targets to beat the dominance of Apple's iPad.

Xiaomi, a successful Chinese vendor makes devices that favored consumers smartphones, started selling Android tablet on July 1 in China.

Previously, CEO of Xiaomi, Lei June once said that Xiaomi will not jump on the tablet market before there is a healthy ecosystem. But now Xiaomi taking steps to jump into the tablet market by creating its own Android tablet ecosystem.

Quoted from Digitimes, it must be done according to Lei if Xiaomi wants to compete with Apple's iPad production.

Xiaomi currently has a line of Mi Pad tablet that has a screen size of 7.9 inches and a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels, as same as the iPad mini tablet specifications. But Mi Pad sold cheaper. For the 16 GB version, it costs around 240 U.S. dollars in China. Mi Pad also be the first tablet that carries Nvidia Tegra

Lei also said that
to make Android tablets is actually pretty easy. But according to him, the only obstacle for today's tablets is the least qualified applications and games available in tablet platforms.

In addition, although many vendors have released Android tablet on the market, but until now no one wants to raise the Android tablet market ecosystem.

"Therefore, Xiaomi ventured to make their own brand tablet in an attempt to establish a new ecosystem in the industry," said Lei.

Apple is still dominated
the tablet market. But in terms of revenue, the Android tablet is superior to the iPad.

Another Android tablet which is currently referred to as the iPad killer is Samsung's tablet, the Galaxy Tab S 8.4-inch and 10.5-inchi.