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Friday, 11 April 2014

Twitter Acquired Android's Lock Screen Maker

Earlier this week, news emerged that Twitter bought Cover, enterprise application developers of "lock screen" for Android devices. Both parties involved in the acquisition announced on Monday (04/07/2014) yesterday.

As quoted from Mashable, Cover was founded by former Google employees and just slid in October last year.

On the lock screen of Android, Cover featuring six of the most desirable applications to users based on analysis of daily habits and also the owner of the relevant context of the current state (eg. at home, at work, while driving, etc.).

Cover reportedly attracted "hundreds of thousands" of users before being acquired by Twitter. For a time, the application will remain available in the Google Play Store.

Neither Twitter nor the company that the acquisition did not elaborate on the plan will cover the use of technology in the future. The value of the purchase is also not known.

"As Cover, Twitter believes the incredible potential stored in Android. We share the same view that the smartphone can be far smarter yet more useful and more contextual," Cover founder wrote in the announcement in a blog.

Twitter is not the only company interested in the Android "lock screen". Competitors weighing, Facebook, last year trying to control the "lock screen" application via Facebook Home, but so far have not managed to achieve success.

Heartbleed Security Flaw

Following the discovery of a security hole called "heartbleed", the internet service users are encouraged to change the password that is used for each service provider.

As reported by Mashable, Wednesday (04/09/2014), a number of popular services, such as Yahoo, Gmail, and Facebook, follow affected.

Because of this bug, sensitive information such as password and credit card number the user used the last two years can be obtained by  irresponsible people.

Unclear, internet sites which were being affected heartbleed. However, a number of big names in the world of online services, including Google, Yahoo, and Dropbox, also affected.

Most of the affected service name by heartbleed can be seen in a list created on April 8. Since the list was published, some service providers have been distributing security patches to patch the existing gap.

It was unclear if the existing bugs and undetected for two years been used by hackers to steal the data. However, users are encouraged to immediately change the password across the internet service used.


Heartbleed referred to as one of the largest and most sophisticated security flaw ever discovered in the history of the internet.

This bug was discovered in OpenSSL, an open-source security protocol used to encrypt sensitive information via the function of SSL (secure sockets layer) in many Internet-based services.

By exploiting heartbleed loopholes on OpenSSL, hackers can steal information, although a site or service providers already do encryption (marked with a "padlock" and the prefix "https" in the URL).

Heartbleed impact on all the sites and services that are running OpenSSL 1.0.1 to version 1.01F. Versions of affected OpenSSL are already widely used in May 2012.

That is, for two years, it has also been circulating undetected in all the service providers that use OpenSSL encryption-related, ranging from applications, internet sites, to banking institutions.

The problem becomes large because OpenSSL is used by 66 percent of all Internet web part to encrypt the data so that the security hole was widespread.

From the user side, nothing can be done to address this bug except wait for the relevant service providers to patch loopholes heartbleed, then change the password as a precaution when the old keyword has been leaked.

Eton Thor: Android Phone with 5,000mAh Battery

Thin smartphone usually has a small capacity battery because it is limited to the slim body. However, not so with a smart phone called the Eton Thor.

Despite only having a thickness of 9 mm, the battery capacity of the Chinese-made Android smartphone is classified as extraordinary for the size of the phone, which is 5,000 mAh.

As quoted from Phone Arena, with the battery, Eton Thor is able to survive in a very long time, reaching 1,100 hours of standby time or approximately 46 days with 21 hours of talk time.

In comparison, the iPhone 5S has a standby time of 10 days along, while the Galaxy S5 can last 15 days.

Eton Thor octa-core processor reinforced MediaTek MT6592 which is the first 8-core chips in the world, in the sense that all the processing core can run concurrently, not separated into two groups as in big.LITTLE concept.

Chip which has a Mali-450 GPU was paired with 2GB of RAM, but no 4G LTE connectivity which is still being developed in China.

Information about the screen size of Eton Thor is unknown, so is the price. Most likely this phone will only be sold in China.

AMD Releases 4 Cheap and Low Power Processors

Approximately one month after announcement, the chip AM1 series was officially launched by AMD. This processor is an Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) series of "Kabini" marketed for desktop PCs with Athlon and Sempron.

According to a written statement, there are four models of AM1 processors launched, namely Athlon 5350, 5150 Athlon, Sempron 3850, and the Sempron 2650.

Athlon 5350 is the top model which is equipped with a 4 core units and priced at 59 dollars. Meanwhile, Sempron 2650 is entry-level model with 2 cores and the price is 31 dollars. Fourth processor has a low power rating of 25 watts.

AM1 series processors from AMD are package of System-on-Chip (SoC) that combines multiple computers vital components in one package. Fourth processor, for example, combines CPU cores series "Jaguar" with graphics processor (GPU)-based Graphics Core Next architecture.

AM1 is aimed as opposed series of Atom processor (BayTrail) from Intel. The difference, AM1 chips launched this time comes in packaging aka socket is not soldered to the motherboard like most other SoC, including the initial series of AM1 is intended for laptop devices.

Consumers can upgrade the AM1 processor in the same way as a desktop processor, ie remove the processor from the socket and replace it with the desired chip.

Microsoft Creates "Escape from XP" Game

Windows XP is "finished". Technical support for the operating system which is 13-year-old officially discontinued on April 8.

Well, Microsoft Windows XP as the creator seems to have a unique way to say goodbye to the legendary OS, by making a game called Escape from XP.

As quoted from the Geek, this game which can be played at the site will "throw" the player into the look of an old school PC-style CRT monitors.

After going through the Windows XP boot animation and delivery of short stories by "display error" blue screen of death, a player who plays as a loyal user of Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6 (Windows XP default browser) immediately brought to the gaming arena.

Escape from XP itself is a side-scrolling shooter game that will instantly remind the kinds of past game Contra.

In this game, players face the onslaught of the enemy forces in the form of junk PC and internet explorer evil tanks. Instructions to play are listed on the post-it sticker on the right of the screen "tube".

"Leaders" like the old Clippy (assistant of the Office 97 suite) is reminiscent of the era of Windows XP which is also presented as an antagonist figure that reinforces the impression that Microsoft is looking at the operating system as a thorn in the flesh.

Curious? Please try Escape from Windows XP in the browser through this link.